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SESSION 1 : TINKER, NOODLE OR OBSESS? Starting time 12 pm

Gever Tulley  The Curious Art of Fooling Around
Matt Crawford  Manual Competence and the Problem of Living Concretely
Anthony Rudolf  Why Chivalry Still has a Chance
Nancy Callan  21st Century Glassblower
Alex Petroff  Farming Peace and Ending Poverty, Eastern Congo's Hidden Gem
Charlie Wurm  Electric Cars and the Flying Pig
Baba Brinkman  Sexual Selection as a Political Force
Conversation Break

SESSION 2 : THE VIEW FROM IN HERE... Starting time 2:25 pm

David Binder  Who Gets to Tell the Story?
Christine McCaull  Industrial Strength Love: How to Make Work Work Better
Will Rymann  Creating Worlds that Inspire
Sarah Kay  Poetess
Jenni Wolfson  RASH - What if your dream job could kill you?
Caravan of Thieves  Music
Conversation Break

SESSION 3: LETS PLAY WITH... Starting time 4:50 pm

Tyler Cowen  The Great Stagnation: Is America's Low-Hanging Fruit Gone for Good?
Lauren Redniss  Mistakes Have Been Made
Adam Black  Connecting The Collective Mind
Ari Meisel  Curing the Incurable Through Self-Experimentation
Tommy McCall  Engaging Simplicity to Visualize Complexity
Bjarke Ingles  Hedonistic Sustainability

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